Student-Centered Education

We put students at the heart of education.

Students come to Touro to unlock their potential and achieve their dreams. Some arrive knowing exactly what they want their career path to look like, and they know Touro will get them there. For those who want to explore possibilities within their chosen field, they know Touro will give them the flexible, affordable, supportive space to do so.

In a system that spans the country and the globe, serving diverse populations across a wide array of degree and program types, the hallmarks of the Touro experience remain remarkably consistent. All Touro students receive personalized support, build close relationships with faculty mentors and their peers, and graduate ready to embark on careers that make an impact.

We’re constantly responding to the needs of our students, from a renewed emphasis on research and scholarship to offering increased flexibility, to creating the right programs in the right places. We have a long history of developing programs that offer tremendous professional growth opportunities and fill the needs of our communities, in medicine, healthcare, finance, education, law, social work, and more.

A Students-First System

245 Career-Ready Programs

108,000 Alumni

13:1 Average Student-to-Faculty Ratio at Touro Schools

Touro Voices

Our alumni explain what Touro’s student-centered community means to them.

Patrice Griffin

From the first day of class, I realized that this college was the perfect match for my individual needs as I was in search of small class sizes and professors that would provide me with a quality education, while also caring about my well-being.

Patrice Griffin, NYSCAS ‘14

When Touro first accepted me, I wanted to come right away. Touro has a strong support system and resources available to assist their students. I’m a big-time believer in improving the healthcare disparity in underserved areas and getting my FNP will help fill that gap in our system.

Thao Nguyen, TUN School of Nursing ’18

Thao Nguyen

Touro inspired my career the most because it was there that I realized that, even when you think you’re alone, there’s always someone out there that’s going to support you.

Ariella Aghalarian, SHS, MS OT ‘18

My favorite part about Touro's School of Health Sciences was the close-knit community. This environment enabled me to feel comfortable approaching anyone, as well as when collaborating with fellow students and expressing my ideas.

Lewis Lupowitz, SHS DPT ‘20

Lewis Lupowitz