A More Vibrant Jewish Tomorrow

We’re building a stronger and more vibrant Jewish tomorrow.

Fifty years ago, Touro College was founded to meet a need in the Jewish community—a high-quality, affordable institution where religiously observant students wouldn’t have to choose between practicing their faith and pursuing their academic and professional goals. This commitment to supporting cultural, spiritual, and educational needs simultaneously informs our approach to every faith community.

We believe our Jewish values are universal values. Touro’s namesakes, Isaac and Judah Touro, were colonial Jewish American leaders who sought to enrich the lives of all people, regardless of creed or color. The Touro family established major endowments for universities, the first free library in North America, independent health facilities across the United States, and communities in Israel. In creating Touro, our founder Dr. Bernard Lander hoped to strengthen the Judaic tradition and serve the broader community with compassion and dignity.

Dr. Lander’s vision succeeded, and we’re dedicated to ensuring it continues to succeed for many more years to come. Today, the Touro system is America’s largest private institution of higher and professional education under Jewish auspices. All along, we’ve embraced Jewish traditions and been guided by Jewish values, emphasizing the importance of both individual development and the greater good.

Our programs strengthen the Jewish community in specific ways—like providing an excellent education that recognizes religious students’ needs for holiday observance and setting aside time for spiritual study—while also honoring the historic Judaic devotion to intellectual inquiry and social justice for everyone.

If we are going to be engaged in society, we have to serve everyone. We have a responsibility to the needs of the world. To serve humanity and society. And so as we build Jewish institutions, we are also building general institutions, irrespective of the background [of the student].

Dr. Bernard Lander, Founder

Touro Voices

Hear from our alumni on why an education guided by Jewish tradition and values was right for them.

Touro instills the concept of charity starts at home. I have to give back because how could I live like this and not give back. These are people who are connected and they’re not getting medical care so it’s my job to give them medical care.

Estie Roth, TouroCOM DO ‘12

I grew up in a Hasidic family, I went to a Hasidic school, my primary language was Yiddish. I was married at 19. It took me time to understand what a career really is, and how it shapes you as an individual. The concept of building a career really started at Touro. Touro provided me with the acceptance and assurance that I can pursue a meaningful degree without contradicting where I come from.

Shaul Kohn, Machon L’Parnasa, SHS MS OT ‘10

LCM for me was more than just a degree. It’s the most warm, tight-knit environment that gave me all the support necessary to really develop myself as a person and as a religious Jew, to get where I needed to get to and to succeed in every aspect of my life.

Jordan Kaplan, LCM ‘11

I wanted to go into a field where I'd be able to help people and think about problems using the sciences. The education at Lander College for Men is phenomenal. I was able to learn Torah and I was able to learn the sciences that I needed to learn to become a physician.

Josh Fox, LCM ‘11