Our Vision for the Future

As we celebrate an incredible first 50 years, we’re also gearing up for an equally remarkable future. In 50 years, we grew from 35 students to 35 schools’ and one program to 245. As we look to our next 50 years, we’ll continue to expand intentionally and meaningfully.

We’re building on Touro’s existing strengths and growing in dynamic new ways. We were founded on an enduring commitment to knowledge and a belief in each individual and their potential, and that still defines us today. Intellectual inquiry and innovation was, and is, a hallmark of a Touro education.

We’ve become a leader in health care education and we will set the standards for interdisciplinary health and medical education for generations to come. We’ll continue to expand the breadth and depth of our programs, set our sights on a future of greater scholarship, and harness our adaptable, entrepreneurial spirit to respond to the needs we see arise in education — and in the world.

group of students walking outside

Breadth and Depth of Programs

We’ll remain steadfast in our proven promise to provide students with the education they need for the careers they want — careers that contribute to society and provide solid foundations and future opportunities to our students and their families. This is especially true of our healthcare offerings — as career opportunities across the health professions grow, so do our programs.

Research in Service of Careers

We’re committed to expanding scholarship opportunities for Touro students and faculty. The research we’re focused on, and our bench-to-bedside approach can be applied directly to the work our students will be doing after they graduate, making them better leaders and innovators in their fields. Our students look at how to improve patient outcomes, examine the most effective classroom technologies, and evaluate new treatments and pharmaceutical interventions.

Responding to Needs, Expanding Accordingly

We’re adaptable, quickly adding programs, opening new schools, and embracing new technologies without ever sacrificing quality and dedication to our mission. The world is becoming increasingly interconnected in ways we never dreamed of and we’re ready to deliver. We’ll keep growing and expanding our footprint, meeting the needs of the job markets, communities and students around the world.

On the Horizon

Here’s just a bit of what’s coming for Touro and how we’re putting our vision into practice. In the next few years, we’re:

Help Us Make This Vision A Reality

You’re part of what has made our past so successful and we hope you’ll be a part of our bright future.

“Alumni, supporters and friends of Touro can help us make our next 50 years as successful as our first 50,” says Touro President Dr. Alan Kadish. “Gifts from our community support our mission, especially by making a Touro education more affordable and accessible for our dedicated students.”

Please join us as a partner in our future. With your help, we can reach even greater heights:

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