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Touro Helped Launch this NYS Assemblyman’s Political Career

September 12, 2022
Assemblyman Daniel Rosenthal
Assemblyman Daniel Rosenthal

When Daniel Rosenthal was elected to the N.Y. State Assembly at the age of 26, he was the youngest sitting member. Intrigued by politics and government since third grade, Rosenthal credits Touro with landing him the political internship that launched his political career.

“I have a natural bug for politics, and working in the City Council just confirmed that I made the right choice… I believe everyone should contribute — there is so much to advocate for in every community and we can all contribute time and resources to politics and government and to making a difference in the lives of people we care about.”

Whether in Queens or in Albany, there is no such thing as a typical day for Rosenthal. As the youngest member of the Assembly, he brings his unique perspective to the table, focusing on issues relevant to his generation. Rosenthal devotes special attention to public health and cost of living for young families, explaining, “I bring a unique perspective on the issues facing people of my generation. Our issues are different than those of the previous generation. People graduating college and trying to make a living today face different challenges than those who did it years ago. We need diverse voices in the legislature.”

Grateful for the privilege to be the voice of his community and mindful of his roots, Rosenthal has come full circle, making time to stop at Lander while on the go.